Isi is great, You feel comfortable with her right away. She is fun and works non stop, yet is not aggressive! If she’s on your side you have a huge advantage when searching for your ideal place to live!

Lisa K

Isi Wu is definitely the Realtor for you! She was for us! Let’s talk story!

My wife and I were sitting at home a month ago, wondering if our neverending journey of moving from one place to the next would soon be over. We knew the housing market was down, and from what we had been hearing about the low interest rate, now would be a good time to buy our first home. We didn’t know how much we would be approved for, or if we qualified at all.

We decided to go walk through an open house around the corner from where we were currently renting. So we rushed home from work to go see the house, and possibly talk to the realtor about our options. What a surprise it was to see so many other couples already there, some with agents. We realized immediately how deep the water was. We needed someone to represent us, someone to fight for us, somebody who could make our dreams of becoming homeowners a reality.

We called Isi, left a message about the house we walked thru and asked if she would help us. Isi called us back a couple hours later. She agreed to represent us, and had already called the listing agent to get the “scoop” on the property. Later that same evening, she met us at the property to let us take a closer look “after hours”.

Ultimately, we passed on the property. Isi pointed out some serious flaws that we had overlooked during open house. We were mesmerized by all the remodeling.

Now we needed to find a property. Isi would send us listings everyday, that matched our price range, location, and amenities. My wife and I were proactive in finding a property by using these listings,as well as open houses to narrow down our search.

We found it!! Or, so we thought! Good location, great neighborhood, and best of all, it had been on the market for a few months. We met Isi at the property after work. Immediately, we knew that this was our home. Isi called the listing agent to find out the details.

Well, we found out we were going to be in for a fight. The property was one day away from possibly being out of reach for good. The sellers had already received an offer from the perspective buyers, and had counter-offered. So at 10pm on a weeknight, Isi explained to us, that we had a small window to get an offer in by the following day, to be considered.

So further discussion brought us to one of the most important aspects of purchasing a home, which is finance. We had already been to a lender to see what loan we qualified for. Isi presented us with another option. She called one of her many connections, who was on vacation with his family. That night, we had gotten a better loan package, which included less money down and a lower rate.

So we all worked into the early morning. Isi created a “package” that put our best shot at winning over the sellers. Within a a few days and one counter offer, we were on our way to owning a home.

From the time our offer was accepted, till the day we got our keys, Isi managed the whole process. She arranged multiple inspections, shopped hazard insurance for us, corresponded with our lender, followed up with title company, as well as make sure all our paperwork was in order every step of the way. As we found out, there are many steps, all of which were explained in great detail.

On the day of our final signing, Isi was there to make sure all the numbers for our loan were correct, and all the terms of the sale were correct.

We closed the deal two weeks ago, and Isi is still following up with us to make sure we’re doing good. I’m convinced that in the hands of a lesser realtor, we wouldn’t be moving into our first home! Isi knew what it was going to take, to make our dreams come true, and gave us guidance and expertise to make it a reality.

We’re excited to start a new chapter in our lives, and Isi is the reason our lives have changed. Whether you’re in the market for a new house, or a first time homebuyer like us,

S & J Hipol
1st Time Homebuyers

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Isi Wu as a realtor. I was introduced to Isi by colleagues and friends who were enthusiastic supporters of Isi after she managed a number of their home purchases and sales. It wasnt until a year later when I was ready to buy my home did I understand how right my friends were.

Isi delivered miracles for a very complicated situation. I was living and working in Indonesia during the entire home buying process. Isi recommended homes based on my specified preferences, visited them, took pictures, and wrote detailed notes so that I could literally pick my house online. If anyone has bought a home in the US while abroad, you know it is extremely complicated and not all sellers are happy about or have the patience for such a situation.

This is where Isi’s communication and relationship management skills came in to play. Because of her tireless efforts, the seller was understanding throughout the hoops and delays of international purchase. Isi also goes far beyond the core responsibilities of a realtor.

During escrow I suffered two tragedies – my grandmother passed away and four dear friends were victims of a bombing in Jakarta. Both required me to travel extensively, spending weeks at a time moving city to city and in hospitals in foreign cities. Throughout this time Isi found creative ways to keep the process moving forward and keep the seller on board.

By the end of escrow Isi was communicating my whereabouts to friends, picking me up from the airport and literally acting as my own guardian angel. Isi is a constant professional, conscientious, bright and a sincere and personable individual. She is highly motivated and you can count on her to look after the interest of her clients.

I cant imagine working with anyone other than Isi and like my colleagues you can see I too am an enthusiastic supporter – you will be too…

Sincerely, S. Morrison

Isi is very professional and personable.  Being property virgins, she was able to point us in the right direction as to the reality of where and what we could afford.  She kept a close eye on our wants vs. our needs and kept us in tune.  If an opportunity came about, she was quick to notify us and was always willing to speak to us after hours.  After the close of escrow, we found some issues with our new place.  Instead of washing her hands of it, Isi was on top of it and ready to battle the previous Realtor, Owner, and HOA. We are very happy with Isi’s efforts and would recommend her to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home.  She also lined us up with great Mortgage and Title companies too… 

Mike and Nicole

Isi is very knowledgeable about her business and where to buy in the entire Bay Area.  She always returned calls promptly and kept me constantly informed via phone or email.  She is phenomenal, she is always battling for your best interests.  I felt I could trust her throughout the home viewings and purchase…

L. Lobree

Isi is friendly as can be imagined.  She always answered every question.  There is no question we would re-employ her in future real estate transactions!  She was phenomenal!…

Mr. & Mrs. P. Yakas

Isi is the greatest… she knows her trade exceptionally well. We never met anyone more professional.  She will be our agent for as long as she is in real estate… 

Billy & Lisa

Isi approaches her profession with incredible compassion.  She possesses a gift for interpretation and understanding.  We could not be happier with our new home…

Keay & Tami

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts in helping us out with our home search.  Your efforts helped us tremendously in making our decision.  Having already been through the home buying process many years ago, we were expecting “buyers remorse” to hit us.  Because of your hard work and vigilence, we know we made the right decision.  We will pass your name and number on to our friends with the highest recommendations…

Walton & Cindy

Isi is a very responsive, knowledgeable real estate professional.  She often goes beyond her responsibility to help her clients…

David & Kathy C.

From the moment we met Isi, we knew she was the realtor for us.. She was warm, friendly, and most important, had a positive outlook on the possibility of us owning a home.  She believed in us when other realtors sent us away.Throughout the entire process she was caring, compassionate and made us feel like we were her only clients.  Isi has become part of our family and we now have a wonderful home that we feel is as much ours as it is hers.  She has made our dreams come true and for that we are forever grateful.  We look forward to buying another home with her in the future…

M & J Williams

We would not have been able to sell our old house and especially be able to have bought our new house without Isi…

Lindsey L.

Isi walked us through every aspect of the buying and selling stages.  She also helped us with our second home purchase and made sure we knew we would survive the paperwork.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Roberts

Isi was excellent.  She knows her job inside and out…

Jason M.