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HELLO MY BEEEEUTIFUL, WONDERFUL Bay Area!!!... I know many of you enjoy following the real estate market… especially in areas where you currently live or would like to live…To get an idea of your chosen market area most everyone likes to see what properties have SOLD AT…TODAY (9.5.14) I’d like to offer you the most current stats on  ACTIVE properties for sale...(keep in mind I’ve chosen just a few local cities in the Eastbay as a starting point… if you dont see a city you’re interested in just let me know)…

ALAMEDA                 54               82          $858,499            9           $858,532
CASTRO VALLEY   96               81          $887,718             23         $774,985

DANVILLE                103             81   $1,637,430         5      $993,460

DUBLIN                     111               77             $986,511          12           $690,904
HAYWARD               232             175           $577.696          66           $483,000
SAN LEANDRO       97                86            $534,282          28          $534,383
SAN RAMON            133              81         $1,083,298          14           $788,342

Dont forget these figures are for ALL ACTIVE Listings on the market for sale… Four out of the  seven cities currently have OVER 100 properties for sale… Inventory is still not overwhelming abundant everywhere…Buyers depending on your needs and price point your chances of getting your piece of property is improving… you just have to be completely ready… Sellers due to the sluggish inventory… you’re still in a great position to receive Top Dollar… keep in mind you must be realistic and price your home right!… Buyers and Sellers I’m here to assist you… Contact Me Now and lets get going…

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Its Never Ever Too Late!


HELLOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL – WONDERFUL BAY AREA... Today I have a bit of  uplifting and happy news to share with you… the smiling faces of the young couple shown in the above foto is proof positive that homeownership in our bustling real estate market is alive and well… its never too late to become stakeholders and becoming homeowners for the first time no matter what your age… So Happy for You Both… Huge Congrats Mr & Mrs Loo!!

Buying vs Renting

Not sure about becoming a home owner? Do the numbers and the decision is real easy.

Now Here’s a Kitchen Sink!!…

$15K Sink

HELLLOOOOO My Beeeeeauuutiful Wonderful Bay Area… talk about some beautiful weather these last few days!… Our Bay Area is still buzzing all around regarding our current real estate market… today… I thought it might be fun for those of you looking around for a unique sink for your new or existing home… check this out…

This is one fancy very unique sink!

all purpose sink


Truthfully, the KWC Waterstation is more a multifunctional food prep station than a simple sink. It has wedge-shaped cutting boards, bowls and drainage pans that rotate around an industrial-strength faucet. So you can wash fruit, defrost meat and chop then throw out veggies all in the same place.

It’s truly the home chef’s dream sink. Unfortunately for most amateur chefs, it will have to stay that way. The sink, which comes with a massive $15,000 price tag, is nearly impossible to find in the United States.

The sink, about the size of a large bus tire, is sold as a freestanding island unit or can be built into a countertop or an island—which would require some kind of custom installation on top of the hefty price.

Anyone interested??

Have a Great Sunny Enjoyable Day!!…


Homes to 9,000 Homeless Vets…

United States Department of Housing and Urban ...

HELLLLOOOO My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!….Today is a cooler day but soon to be warmer days… I hope you’re all enjoying our Wonderful Bay Area… Today I’d like to revisit “homeless vets”…. I wish I could find a way to truly help our vets…homeless, disabled and otherwise … for all they’ve done in service for our safety at home… we should all be so thankful and repay them in every way possible… the reality is we’ve havent held up our end of the bargain… the current sellers market allows sellers to peruse multiple offers, mostly over list price, as is, no contingency, best price and terms… the VA Loan was created to help and thank our vets… it does have certain requirements that hinder VA Loans to be looked as the best finance option in addition to a few other requirements…  if more owners who’s priority is to repay our vets by accepting their purchase offer backed by a VA loan… this would be a more ideal world… if this were true… to the contrary… owners however thankful they may be… are much more apt to accept an offer without any contingencies, with much higher down payments (VA loans dont require any downpayments), better terms and faster close times…of course they would… lets face it… if we were in that position can you honestly say you would accept an offer with a VA Loan?… (hmmmm if we were in a Buyer’s market I wonder what the climate for a VA loan would be)…which brings me to my update today…

As a reminder… here’s my posting on May 24,2012 (almost a year ago)

Today’s update…(is provided by RisMedia)… HUD & VA Team Up: Provide Homes to 9,000 Homeless Vets…  9000 Vets living on the streets or who are participating in the nation’s shelter system will soon find permanent homes due to extra $60 Million Dollars funded by HUD… (please read the link below)

This is good news… not the ultimate best… but definitely good… I hope we can one day find a way to erradicate this tragic situation once and for all.


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Scams-Scams-Scams Need Help Finding a Rental…

Skyline of Oakland from Lake Merritt

HELLLOOOO My Wonderful Beautiful Bay Area!!… I hope you’re well… 

Question of the DayI’m looking for a place, house or apartment, to rent in Oakland. The trouble I’m having is all the scams! Help!

Response… Hi Rachel… its a good thing you’ve been able to weed through the “scams” and not become a victim!… Its a huge hurdle to search on your own especially if you’re not familiar with the area… when moving from an out of state situation and you dont have any references from co-workers, friends or relatives…most times you’re best served if you contact a local “well established” property management co who handle mostly rentals… before you commit to any one of them… make sure you like their working style, how they communicate with you, what services they offer, what areas they cover, ask them to forward you a list of their current inventory, never hurts to check with the Better Business Bureau & check their credentials etc …ask if there are any fees they require from you… You sound very clear about what you’re looking for…. Good Luck to you and Thanks for Your Question…

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Have a question regarding your home?

The Question Is What Is the Question?


HELLLLOOOO My Wonderful Beeeeuuutiful Bay Area!!… How are you doing today?… I mean it… I want to know how you’re doing!… I was thinking about you and pondering on what I should post today… something fun, something interesting, something specific to real estate, what should I post??… I realize just about anything you might want to know can be found easily on this thing we’ve all come to rely on… the internet – google – yahoo and everything else available to us… just couldnt decide on a topic… my goal is to inform and enlighten you,  perhaps resulting in a  conversation with you via blog, email, phone or even text… what a great concept!!… so today my question to you is… Do you have a question regarding your home?… I’ll be pleased to give you a response… email me at or call/text  me at 925.997.2426 or go ahead and post your question here!  Would love to hear from you… Cheers!… Isi

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In Trouble?… Dont Pay Upfront!

HELLLOOOO My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!…. My Nugget for the Day…It’s important homeowners facing foreclosure… know they should never pay fees in advance to anyone promising to lower their monthly payment or any other service. In fact, “there are usually no costs associated with modifying a loan.”

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Most Recent Real Estate Factoids…


HELLLLOOOOO MY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL BAY AREA!!… Have I told you lately how much I appreciate living and working in this awesome area we call the San Francisco Bay Area?… Having resided in other parts of  this US of A… sorry cant help it… we are blessed we are truly blessed to call this area HOME!!….

At a recent training I learned more real estate related factoids...(we can never get enough factoids… correct??… )  in the state of California there are…

  • 6.8 million Mortgages
  • 2.04 million Homes Underwater
  • 435,000 Delinquent Mortgages
  • 183,600 in Foreclosure
  • 75,000 Bank Owned
  • 18,000 Distressed

Do you fit into any of these categories?… let me hear your story… let me try and help you… WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE LAND OF 2ND CHANCES… with rules changing every day there are No Rigid Rules!! Nothing is written in stone… I’m happy to hear your story… lets work together to get things straightened out…

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Are Your Sure Your Realtor is Licensed??…

Logo of the National Association of Realtors.

HELLLOOOO My Most Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!!…  The “Question of the Day” is … Are you sure your realtor is licensed to do business?

Most sellers, buyers, soon to be in the market consumers and yes even fellow realtors probably don’t think too much about the licensing status of the agents they work with! And we all should know!! In fact its crucial to know… why would you work with someone who isnt licensed, why would you work with someone who has been disciplined or has complaints placed on his/her record?… As with everything else in life we must scrutinize the who, what and whys which includes “making sure your realtor is licensed and current” when it comes to working closely with that person regarding your home or any kind of property and where a huge amount of your life and money  is involved… Use a Licensed Realtor!

Jim Malmberg wrote a very insightful article on why its important to know the status of the realtor you work with…please take a minute to read it… and enlighten yourselves…

(the DRE – Department of Real Estate License Lookup link is inside Jim’s article… its FREE to use…do yourselves a favor and do this…)

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