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HELLOOOO My Beeeuuuutiful, Wonderful Bay Area!… Its another gorgeous day in our part of the world!… As you know our real estate market in the Bay Area is in great demand… always lots of buyers and interested buyers and not enough houses for sale… prices are soaring and loans are harder to get…

Our Home 10.7.11

Do you feel the younger adults ie) milennials have a chance of buying a home?

How To Recoup ur Costs at Resale….


Do You Appreciate Gas Prices Dropping?


For those of us in a certain age bracket…shortly after I posted the price drop of gas by a couple dollars in our Great Bay Area… (one of the much younger than most of us)… on the move… up and coming… very brite young entrepeneurs FB friends I have… posted his own comment on why we’re silly to get excited over saving a few bucks… HAH!…

Personally I was amazed at his pompous thinking…this younger generation feel they know all things smart!…HAH! (must be nice to think its no big deal to save a couple bucks on gas per gallon) this GenXr has no idea at one time we literally raced to get in line in the wee hours of the morning ie) 3- 4-5 am (forget about 6am you would be too late)… to get gas that jumped from 37 cents per gal. to 63 cents!! Not to mention gas was rationed at one point… Call me “old” call me “silly”… Life repeats itself in so many ways… I remember vividly how my Mom would constantly remind us by example and always repeating the importance of comparing prices and saving every bit we could…

Its nice FB allows comments from all … how unfortunate some very brite folks can be “a day late and a dollar short”…!! or is two dollars short… and yes people I do save pennies too.

Now Here’s a Kitchen Sink!!…

$15K Sink

HELLLOOOOO My Beeeeeauuutiful Wonderful Bay Area… talk about some beautiful weather these last few days!… Our Bay Area is still buzzing all around regarding our current real estate market… today… I thought it might be fun for those of you looking around for a unique sink for your new or existing home… check this out…

This is one fancy very unique sink!

all purpose sink


Truthfully, the KWC Waterstation is more a multifunctional food prep station than a simple sink. It has wedge-shaped cutting boards, bowls and drainage pans that rotate around an industrial-strength faucet. So you can wash fruit, defrost meat and chop then throw out veggies all in the same place.

It’s truly the home chef’s dream sink. Unfortunately for most amateur chefs, it will have to stay that way. The sink, which comes with a massive $15,000 price tag, is nearly impossible to find in the United States.

The sink, about the size of a large bus tire, is sold as a freestanding island unit or can be built into a countertop or an island—which would require some kind of custom installation on top of the hefty price.

Anyone interested??

Have a Great Sunny Enjoyable Day!!…


Avoid Hassles…You can count on me…

HELLLLOOOO My Wonderful, Beeeeeautiful Bay Area!!..We’re in a very aggressive multiple offer market…  you need to take action asap… I’m happy to help and at your service… 925.997.2426 or…

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Now is a great time to make your dream come true of owning a home.  Interest rates are great and real estate prices are good. That’ s all you have to think about, Isi will take care of the rest.

You need a real estate agent who’s fresh and a “go getter” when it’s time to make a deal. Someone who has been around the block.  Someone who can represent you when the pressure is on. Timing is crucial when it comes to closing, because there’s so many “unknowns” that can spoil the deal.  Isi, has the knowledge of the whole process.  She has represented me in two house purchases and one sale.. she knows both sides of the negotiation… This is how she can put together as she would say, “a great package” when its time to submit an offer or receiving an offer.  Isi also has an extensive network of professionals to keep the process moving along…This recent purchase Isi made sure we got our inspections done in a timely manner and turned us on to a loan agent with much better rates than what we were already approved for by another company.

I’m convinced I would still be renting if Isi was not my agent… if you’re in the market for a home or considering one… CALL ISI… your dreams can become a reality like it happenend for my wife and me… Thank You Isi!!… by S Hipol

(and NO… I didnt pay him LOL… He’s a very happy client… I would love to go to work for you !!…Thanks for your consideration!!)



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The Question Is What Is the Question?


HELLLLOOOO My Wonderful Beeeeuuutiful Bay Area!!… How are you doing today?… I mean it… I want to know how you’re doing!… I was thinking about you and pondering on what I should post today… something fun, something interesting, something specific to real estate, what should I post??… I realize just about anything you might want to know can be found easily on this thing we’ve all come to rely on… the internet – google – yahoo and everything else available to us… just couldnt decide on a topic… my goal is to inform and enlighten you,  perhaps resulting in a  conversation with you via blog, email, phone or even text… what a great concept!!… so today my question to you is… Do you have a question regarding your home?… I’ll be pleased to give you a response… email me at or call/text  me at 925.997.2426 or go ahead and post your question here!  Would love to hear from you… Cheers!… Isi

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Most Recent Real Estate Factoids…


HELLLLOOOOO MY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL BAY AREA!!… Have I told you lately how much I appreciate living and working in this awesome area we call the San Francisco Bay Area?… Having resided in other parts of  this US of A… sorry cant help it… we are blessed we are truly blessed to call this area HOME!!….

At a recent training I learned more real estate related factoids...(we can never get enough factoids… correct??… )  in the state of California there are…

  • 6.8 million Mortgages
  • 2.04 million Homes Underwater
  • 435,000 Delinquent Mortgages
  • 183,600 in Foreclosure
  • 75,000 Bank Owned
  • 18,000 Distressed

Do you fit into any of these categories?… let me hear your story… let me try and help you… WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE LAND OF 2ND CHANCES… with rules changing every day there are No Rigid Rules!! Nothing is written in stone… I’m happy to hear your story… lets work together to get things straightened out…

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Certain Tax Deductions Are Going Away…

HELLLLOOOO My Wonderful Beautiful Bay Area… Those of you who have enjoyed taking certain deductions yearly… be forewarned… certain tax benefits will be going up up and away… (the article below comes from Inman News)… please make your notes and be sure to take what you can before they disappear…

Real Estate Tax Talk. There are several tax credits and deductions set to expire at the end of the year, and given the federal deficit problem, there’s a good chance they won’t be extended. If you want to take advantage of them, you need to act before Jan. 1, 2012. Mortgage insurance premium deduction If you itemize deductions, you may deduct the premiums you pay for mortgage insurance, just like you do mortgage interest. However, this deduction is phased out if your income exceeds certain levels. To qualify for the full deduction, a couple or a single taxpayer must have an adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less. The deduction is phased out completely if AGI exceeds $109,000. For further details go ahead and check out the full article…click open the hyperlink below…

Latest Housing Snapshot for you…

 HELLLOOOO My Ever Wonderful Beautiful Bay Area… here’s some interesting stats for you regarding housing activities in the following counties….they may give you a better insight as to what the average List prices are in high and low price points … Enjoy!!


I hope you will find the following snapshot of local Real Estate   
inventory interesting. The table represents aggregated values based on 
MLS data for the specified date.     
Housing Inventory Snapshot  July 28, 2011
  Average List Price Median List Price Average Days On Market
Santa Clara County, CA
Single Family under $1M $592,091 $580,000 69
Single Family over $1M $2,302,785 $1,650,000 77
Condo/Townhome under $600K $346,370 $349,000 75
Condo/Townhome over $600K $746,892 $708,000 67
San Mateo County, CA
Single Family under $1M $614,943 $588,888 74
Single Family over $1M $2,806,758 $1,728,000 80
Condo/Townhome under $600K $370,848 $359,900 88
Condo/Townhome over $600K $779,907 $719,000 65
Santa Cruz County, CA
Single Family under $1M $563,733 $559,000 79
Single Family over $1M $1,952,887 $1,645,000 108
Condo/Townhome under $600K $353,149 $333,703 107
Condo/Townhome over $600K $800,226 $759,000 120
Monterey County, CA
Single Family under $1M $449,639 $375,000 87
Single Family over $1M $3,139,852 $2,195,000 125
Condo/Townhome under $600K $310,009 $279,000 80
Condo/Townhome over $600K $1,074,440 $897,000 111
San Benito County, CA
Single Family under $1M $363,682 $319,900 92
Single Family over $1M $1,983,890 $1,500,000 199
Condo/Townhome under $300K N/A** N/A** N/A**
Condo/Townhome over $300K N/A** N/A** N/A**
Alameda County, CA
Single Family under $1M $439,582 $400,000 77
Single Family over $1M $1,861,976 $1,498,000 87
Condo/Townhome under $600K $272,242 $249,000 85
Condo/Townhome over $600K $757,419 $699,000 61
Contra Costa County, CA
Single Family under $1M $389,133 $314,900 77
Single Family over $1M $1,930,678 $1,450,000 113
Condo/Townhome under $600K $228,331 $177,000 88
Condo/Townhome over $600K $718,012 $679,950 82
If you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home, please 
give me a call. I will provide professional & courteous service along with 
knowledgeable guidance through the process.