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 HELLLOOOO My Ever Wonderful Beautiful Bay Area… here’s some interesting stats for you regarding housing activities in the following counties….they may give you a better insight as to what the average List prices are in high and low price points … Enjoy!!


I hope you will find the following snapshot of local Real Estate   
inventory interesting. The table represents aggregated values based on 
MLS data for the specified date.     
Housing Inventory Snapshot  July 28, 2011
  Average List Price Median List Price Average Days On Market
Santa Clara County, CA
Single Family under $1M $592,091 $580,000 69
Single Family over $1M $2,302,785 $1,650,000 77
Condo/Townhome under $600K $346,370 $349,000 75
Condo/Townhome over $600K $746,892 $708,000 67
San Mateo County, CA
Single Family under $1M $614,943 $588,888 74
Single Family over $1M $2,806,758 $1,728,000 80
Condo/Townhome under $600K $370,848 $359,900 88
Condo/Townhome over $600K $779,907 $719,000 65
Santa Cruz County, CA
Single Family under $1M $563,733 $559,000 79
Single Family over $1M $1,952,887 $1,645,000 108
Condo/Townhome under $600K $353,149 $333,703 107
Condo/Townhome over $600K $800,226 $759,000 120
Monterey County, CA
Single Family under $1M $449,639 $375,000 87
Single Family over $1M $3,139,852 $2,195,000 125
Condo/Townhome under $600K $310,009 $279,000 80
Condo/Townhome over $600K $1,074,440 $897,000 111
San Benito County, CA
Single Family under $1M $363,682 $319,900 92
Single Family over $1M $1,983,890 $1,500,000 199
Condo/Townhome under $300K N/A** N/A** N/A**
Condo/Townhome over $300K N/A** N/A** N/A**
Alameda County, CA
Single Family under $1M $439,582 $400,000 77
Single Family over $1M $1,861,976 $1,498,000 87
Condo/Townhome under $600K $272,242 $249,000 85
Condo/Townhome over $600K $757,419 $699,000 61
Contra Costa County, CA
Single Family under $1M $389,133 $314,900 77
Single Family over $1M $1,930,678 $1,450,000 113
Condo/Townhome under $600K $228,331 $177,000 88
Condo/Townhome over $600K $718,012 $679,950 82
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Greetings To You Today!!... Yesterday… I attended a class offered by my brokerage on Social Media… designed to give us insight and information on today’s technology and networking capabilities… all about the How’s, Why’s and What To Do’s and how to incorporate it all into my business… WOW what a concept!!… Help to Help Me in my work!!… Awesome… here’s my chance to go and get myself more informed… and Free… whats not to like?!?…

This class was jammed pack with information… great overview  but wished we had more time for Q&A and actual instructions on the downloading of all those tools… most of these tools were brand new to me… never had anyone share these with me (thanks so much Erin…our in-house social media guru)… I was so excited and anxious to start using them ASAP!!

I wanted to download these tools while still in class… NOT… the internet connection at the venue was faulty, my own air card wasn’t working correctly… nothing I did allowed me to download a thing… was advised to wait til I got home (better connection) to downloadNOT… tried and tried over and over to download… I’ve learned over the years…with much trial and error and anxiety… one must be patient, stay calm (take deep breaths) and not get aggravated when working with the computer… nothing was working out right… went to bed… woke up this morning and the very first thing I did … (even before my morning coffee) was to get on my laptop to go at it again… NOT… to avoid bothering our in-house tech guru Ron… I called my local realtor board/tech support… NOT… they couldn’t get the downloads to take… sent emails to the various sites for help… (remember that saying… if at first you don’t succeed don’t give up… keep trying… ) so I reached out to our in-house tech guru Ron… Funny thing he was at that moment working on some of the same issues I was calling about…  he’ll send out update on the fixes later…

Moral to this story… there’s lots to learn, its all there for the taking, be patient, anything worthwhile will come in good time…

Have a Really Good Day All…

As always… would love to hear back from you… I welcome your feedback… Lets Start a Dialogue!…

Save Me in your Favorites and come back and visit all the time!!…

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My Real Estate Blog & Whatever’s on My Mind…

You may feel too much has been written and talked about on the subject of the “downturn” of the real estate market and all of the various topics that have sprung up because of it… or just way too much info on anything related to real estate… Or perhaps you happen to be one of those folks who love to read all they can about the market… there is after all such a huge spectrum of topics to cover … and you really enjoy absorbing and reading everything you can get your hands on…
But how is one lowly realtor able to cover them all??… its an impossibility!…  I choose NOT to stress about what to share on my blog… after all… we cant all be the perfect blogger with the perfect subject matter all of the time…  Do you agree?  After all the purpose of having a blog is to use it and express our thoughts, our knowledge, our feelings, share information, share events etc… the ideas are infinite… and geeez why worry about… what  I should say… what about the content… I’m a professional am I making an impression?… Do I sound like a lunatic?… Am I rambling?… Am I choosing meaningful topics?…. who am I reaching?… so on and so on … yet we’re told constantly just to start… Don’t Not Start JUST START … All of the techno wizzes keep drumming it into us that blogging is important…no one will find you if you don’t blog and blog often to make it work… don’t think too hard… therefore… I’ve decided very recently not to take this real estate blogging soooo seriously that I become paralyzed from participating… I’ve decided to just share whatever’s on my mind at the moment or maybe whatever’s been on my mind the last few days… or to be perfectly honest…perhaps no longer than a week prior.
I hope you’ll find what I share as somewhere between being helpful, insightful, meaningful, straightforward, informative and perhaps challenging and even enjoyable at times… I would love to hear from you… please let me know what you think… I’d really like to hear from you… in fact Let’s Start a Dialogue!!…
Actually I meant to start off with a very short intro leading into my topic but I got carried away…
The very next entry will be the topic that was meant to be a part of  this entry… please check it out… in fact Save Me in your Favorites and come back and visit all the time!!…
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Building Relationships Via the Internet

“Thank you very much for helping and being patient. I would like to talk to you in person or on the phone since I got a good feeling about you in many ways. I would like to share with you a little bit about me…”

In this age of technology and education offered on all the different ways to use the www to help you in your quest for information and building business…The comments above were sent to me directly as a result of using the internet… It is the ultimate to receive feedback such as the aforementioned!!… and it is a great lesson learned as to how we all can use the internet for our benefit.  You can bet your bottom dollar I would never ever disregard this message and will make certain that I cherish and use it to stay in constant contact with this “New” client!!…

In an effort to use as much technology to communicate and be communicated with… we have to invest time and care with what we do… at least thats the way I choose to work… its always been about “treat others as you want to be treated” kind of philosophy with me.  Instead of talking or sharing thoughts and facts related to real estate… Today… I wanted to share this with you… I think its just as relevant to all of us in how we conduct ourselves in our everyday lives.  I cant think of anything more rewarding than to receive positive feedback from someone you’ve never met which then opens up a whole platform of exchanges with that person and others.

I wish you all a thoughtful, invigorating day!