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Its Never Ever Too Late!


HELLOOOO MY BEAUTIFUL – WONDERFUL BAY AREA... Today I have a bit of  uplifting and happy news to share with you… the smiling faces of the young couple shown in the above foto is proof positive that homeownership in our bustling real estate market is alive and well… its never too late to become stakeholders and becoming homeowners for the first time no matter what your age… So Happy for You Both… Huge Congrats Mr & Mrs Loo!!

Buying vs Renting

Not sure about becoming a home owner? Do the numbers and the decision is real easy.

Now Here’s a Kitchen Sink!!…

$15K Sink

HELLLOOOOO My Beeeeeauuutiful Wonderful Bay Area… talk about some beautiful weather these last few days!… Our Bay Area is still buzzing all around regarding our current real estate market… today… I thought it might be fun for those of you looking around for a unique sink for your new or existing home… check this out…

This is one fancy very unique sink!

all purpose sink


Truthfully, the KWC Waterstation is more a multifunctional food prep station than a simple sink. It has wedge-shaped cutting boards, bowls and drainage pans that rotate around an industrial-strength faucet. So you can wash fruit, defrost meat and chop then throw out veggies all in the same place.

It’s truly the home chef’s dream sink. Unfortunately for most amateur chefs, it will have to stay that way. The sink, which comes with a massive $15,000 price tag, is nearly impossible to find in the United States.

The sink, about the size of a large bus tire, is sold as a freestanding island unit or can be built into a countertop or an island—which would require some kind of custom installation on top of the hefty price.

Anyone interested??

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Who Says Its Not a Good Time to Buy??


Scott & Jen are my awesome clients who worked hard & saved as much as they could…When it was time… they were ready!… They now own a home in a wonderful treelined family neighborhood… in a location they never imagined they would call HOME!!

HELLLLOOOOOO My Wonderful Beeeeeeeauuutifull Bay Area… Its another gorgeous day in our Cities by the Bay!…

Lots of Buyers have been feeling down in the dumps over the rising interest rates, competing with “all cash” investors, having to make no loan and/or no appraisal contingencies, just way too many offers on just one little home… I know, I know, I know… have been hearing your thoughts and complaints, your wishes and wants… I just wish I had a magic want to get my buyer clients the home they want!… the best motto we should all stick by is “If there’s a will… there’s a way!”

I’m totally one of those who believe this thoroughly… its amazing how much power we have if we just apply this attitude…

I saw this article written by Beth Braverman at The Fiscal Times… please read and get re-energized… I’m always available to chat and discuss your real estate questions…

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Some Interesting Housing Stats…

Avoid Hassles…You can count on me…

HELLLLOOOO My Wonderful, Beeeeeautiful Bay Area!!..We’re in a very aggressive multiple offer market…  you need to take action asap… I’m happy to help and at your service… 925.997.2426 or…

(please read below…from a satisfied repeat client)….

Now is a great time to make your dream come true of owning a home.  Interest rates are great and real estate prices are good. That’ s all you have to think about, Isi will take care of the rest.

You need a real estate agent who’s fresh and a “go getter” when it’s time to make a deal. Someone who has been around the block.  Someone who can represent you when the pressure is on. Timing is crucial when it comes to closing, because there’s so many “unknowns” that can spoil the deal.  Isi, has the knowledge of the whole process.  She has represented me in two house purchases and one sale.. she knows both sides of the negotiation… This is how she can put together as she would say, “a great package” when its time to submit an offer or receiving an offer.  Isi also has an extensive network of professionals to keep the process moving along…This recent purchase Isi made sure we got our inspections done in a timely manner and turned us on to a loan agent with much better rates than what we were already approved for by another company.

I’m convinced I would still be renting if Isi was not my agent… if you’re in the market for a home or considering one… CALL ISI… your dreams can become a reality like it happenend for my wife and me… Thank You Isi!!… by S Hipol

(and NO… I didnt pay him LOL… He’s a very happy client… I would love to go to work for you !!…Thanks for your consideration!!)



Purchase Strategy for a Fixer Upper…



HELLLOOOO My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area…. As you all may have heard or perhaps been a part of... our current bay area real estate market for sellers is in the throes of Multiple Offers...Hooray for the Sellers!… however this sort of situation can put buyers into the fray of uncertainty and aggressive competition for a chance to buy a home…  the current low inventory of homes surely adds pressure for the buyer… many have to compromise on what their true desires for a home may be… Today my focus is to provide some information and help for those buyers…  whose goal is to become homeowners!!  There’s plenty of other types of buyers who have at least 30-40-50% down and in many cases All Cash… Buyers who are barely able to put down 1-3% don’t have the luxury of extra money set aside to repair or remodel the only property they can afford.  Lets say for example…
You are attracted to a house that is perfectly located but it just came out of foreclosure and needs a lot of work to make it habitable. To swing the deal, you need to finance both the purchase and the required repairs. How do you do that?
Getting the mortgage required to purchase a house is only one of the challenges facing the buyer when the house needs work. The second challenge is finding a way to finance the needed repairs. The standard purchase mortgage doesn’t do that because it is based on the lower of sale price or the appraised value of the home in its current condition.
An obvious solution is a second mortgage, but they are not available in the current market except where the first mortgage is too small to do the buyer any good. Second mortgage lenders are still smarting from the steep losses they suffered on second mortgages written during the go-go years leading up to the financial crisis. An unsecured personal loan would be extremely costly if it were available at all.
The solution to this problem is a mortgage on which the loan amount is based on the value of the property after needed repairs have been made. Then one mortgage would cover both a purchase and the repairs needed to make the house habitable. This is future value financing, and it is available through a special FHA program termed “203(k).” This program is available to both home purchasers and existing homeowners who want to rehabilitate their properties in conjunction with a refinance.

The Section 203(k) program is complicated because FHA as the risk bearer has to make sure that the future value of the property upon which the mortgage amount is based actually materializes. To protect itself, FHA requires an appraisal of the property’s value after completion of the planned rehabilitation, in addition to an appraisal of the property “as is.”
Further, before the mortgage is insured, the lender must create a rehabilitation escrow account that contains the money allocated for expenses. FHA has procedures in place to assure that draws against this account are properly disbursed and accounted for, and that the rehabilitation work is completed.
Lenders are encouraged to participate in 203(k)s by the insurance against loss provided by FHA. However, 203(k)s are more complicated and involve more paperwork than the mainstream FHA program, and participating lenders use specially trained staff. As a result, many lenders don’t offer 203(k)s. Lenders that do offer them charge a rate above that on standard FHAs — figure on paying about 0.25 percent more. 

The borrower looking for future value financing must deal with multiple players. In a typical case, the real estate agent who shows a potential buyer a house in need of work will recommend a lender who will preapprove the borrower for a 203(k). The preapproval is based on estimates of sale price and repair costs. The sale price estimate is provided by an appraiser selected by the lender who values the property on both an as-is and after-repairs basis. The repair cost is provided by a licensed general contractor who is usually recommended by the lender. 
In addition, if the repair costs are more than $35,000, FHA requires the borrower to retain a HUD-approved consultant to help manage the process… Among other things, the consultant prepares the required architectural exhibits, and monitors the improvements at each stage. HUD provides a list of consultants and sets their fee schedule, but does not warrant their performance. Lenders will usually recommend consultants that they have worked with, and this is one case where a lender referral is likely to serve the borrower well. The consultant’s fee can be included in the mortgage.
Increased use of 203(k) in the next few years is expected. Millions of homes emerging from the foreclosure process will enter the market, and many of them have been neglected and need work.
(written by…Jack Guttentag is professor of finance emeritus at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
Perhaps its time to get you lined up for this sort of financing… contact me for further information… Call or Email Me Anytime… Isi
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Know a Veteran in Danger of Becoming Homeless?


English: Homeless Woman Iraqi War Veteran in W...

English: Homeless Woman Iraqi War Veteran in Wheelchair and her Chihuahua, at San Diego Stand Down. Photograph by Patty Mooney of San Diego, California, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HELLOOOOO My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!!…  Lets thank all our veterans for their service and help them keep their homes… if you know any veterans in danger of losing their homes please Pass this Information Along…
Written by: 

Housing vouchers known as HUD-VASH can help veterans resolve their housing situation if they are in danger of becoming homeless.

HUD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are working together to provide the fastest and most complete service possible to those who served our country who now need housing assistance.

The first step is to locate the VA center closest to you, register, and explain your circumstances. If you are a low-income veteran, the VA will refer you to the local housing authority nearest you that received HUD VASH vouchers. These are housing vouchers funded by HUD, coordinated by the VA and administered by local housing agencies that allow you to live in the place of your choice.

The basic eligibility requirements are determined initially by the VA, as the veteran must be eligible for medical services from the organization and his or her economic situation should be classified under the definition of homeless as defined by law. Read all the details here.

The person must participate actively in obtaining services to help to stabilize his or her situation. A requirement for participation is to accept the assistance of a social worker to help with handling your case, whether that is related to physical or mental disabilities. The most vulnerable veterans are ideal candidates for this program.

The next step is to contact the housing authority, which determines whether your income level is right for the program and establishes that the veteran and immediate family living with him (or her) are not sex offenders, which automatically disqualifies the person.

Once the eligibility process is determined, the veteran receives a list of homes whose owners are interested in renting to people with housing vouchers, or the veteran can select the property he or she wants, provided the owner agrees to receive payment for the rent on a contract with the housing authority and the tenant. The property must pass inspection to verify that it is habitable and sanitary housing. The next step: move!

If you need help, do not wait. Call the National Center for Homeless Veterans Assistance at 1-877-424-3838.


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Dreams Do Come True…

HELLLLOOOOO  My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!!… Dreams Do Come True!!

Scott & Jenn… Huge Congratulations!!!

Welcome to Your New Home in Beautiful Estudillo Estates…