Buying a Condo in Berkeley or Oakland…

HELLLLOOOOO My Wonderful, Beautiful Bay Area!!… Good Day to you… today I have another question and answer regarding buying  a condo in Berkeley or Oakland, CA… I hope my response is helpful for any of you who may be considering a purchase no matter what the price range or location…
Question… Where is a good place to look for a condo in Oakland or Berkeley for less than $300,000??
I would like to be in an area close to BART (preferably walking distance), reasonably quiet but has lots of places to walk to (and where I will feel safe walking around), and will be in an up-and-coming neighborhood as far as property value. I do not want a fixer-upper.
I’ve seen some places in the Adam’s Point, Uptown, Jack London Square, Harrison St.,and Downtown areas that look good on paper at least, but I don’t know too much about them. Any advice?
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Hello… These days its very possible to purchase a nice little place with the parameters you’ve listed… the areas you listed are some of the more popular areas to purchase in but not necessarily the only areas… when you look in the more desired areas you may end up in multiple offer situations (especially in the price point you’re looking at)…as well as other things to consider…Price points are naturally key but not the only criteria you should consider… you didnt mention how many bedroom/baths/sq.ft. you require… First and foremost I would suggest getting pre-approved for a loan before you do any looking… feel free to contact me if you’d to discuss your options further…

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4th Street in Berkeley

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Hello My Beautiful Wonderful Awesome Bay Area!!… I dont know if you’ve noticed… have been attempting to use a portable handy dandy video camera to share my favorite spots with you… we have in our gorgeous bay area so many places to enjoy… from now on as I share them with you… they will be categorized as “Isi’s Favorite Spots by the Bay”... Please pardon my commentary or lack thereof… as I dont prepare a script but rather speak off the top of my head as I’m filming… Today I’d like to bring to your attention “4th Street in Berkeley

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