Some Current ACTIVE Listings in….


HELLO MY BEEEEUTIFUL, WONDERFUL Bay Area!!!... I know many of you enjoy following the real estate market… especially in areas where you currently live or would like to live…To get an idea of your chosen market area most everyone likes to see what properties have SOLD AT…TODAY (9.5.14) I’d like to offer you the most current stats on  ACTIVE properties for sale...(keep in mind I’ve chosen just a few local cities in the Eastbay as a starting point… if you dont see a city you’re interested in just let me know)…

ALAMEDA                 54               82          $858,499            9           $858,532
CASTRO VALLEY   96               81          $887,718             23         $774,985

DANVILLE                103             81   $1,637,430         5      $993,460

DUBLIN                     111               77             $986,511          12           $690,904
HAYWARD               232             175           $577.696          66           $483,000
SAN LEANDRO       97                86            $534,282          28          $534,383
SAN RAMON            133              81         $1,083,298          14           $788,342

Dont forget these figures are for ALL ACTIVE Listings on the market for sale… Four out of the  seven cities currently have OVER 100 properties for sale… Inventory is still not overwhelming abundant everywhere…Buyers depending on your needs and price point your chances of getting your piece of property is improving… you just have to be completely ready… Sellers due to the sluggish inventory… you’re still in a great position to receive Top Dollar… keep in mind you must be realistic and price your home right!… Buyers and Sellers I’m here to assist you… Contact Me Now and lets get going…

925.997.2426 Cell/Text and email

Evictions Halted During the Holidays…

 Good Day My Wonderful, Beautiful Bay Area!…. A small reprieve for those about to be evicted due to foreclosure…

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said on Monday they would provide a break for borrowers facing foreclosure to ensure those having problems making monthly mortgage payments will remain in their homes during the holidays.

Fannie Mae said its eviction moratorium would apply to single-family homes and two- to four-unit properties from December 19 through January 2, 2013. Freddie Mac said it would offer the suspension from December 17 through January 2, 2013.

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Avoid Hassles…You can count on me…

HELLLLOOOO My Wonderful, Beeeeeautiful Bay Area!!..We’re in a very aggressive multiple offer market…  you need to take action asap… I’m happy to help and at your service… 925.997.2426 or…

(please read below…from a satisfied repeat client)….

Now is a great time to make your dream come true of owning a home.  Interest rates are great and real estate prices are good. That’ s all you have to think about, Isi will take care of the rest.

You need a real estate agent who’s fresh and a “go getter” when it’s time to make a deal. Someone who has been around the block.  Someone who can represent you when the pressure is on. Timing is crucial when it comes to closing, because there’s so many “unknowns” that can spoil the deal.  Isi, has the knowledge of the whole process.  She has represented me in two house purchases and one sale.. she knows both sides of the negotiation… This is how she can put together as she would say, “a great package” when its time to submit an offer or receiving an offer.  Isi also has an extensive network of professionals to keep the process moving along…This recent purchase Isi made sure we got our inspections done in a timely manner and turned us on to a loan agent with much better rates than what we were already approved for by another company.

I’m convinced I would still be renting if Isi was not my agent… if you’re in the market for a home or considering one… CALL ISI… your dreams can become a reality like it happenend for my wife and me… Thank You Isi!!… by S Hipol

(and NO… I didnt pay him LOL… He’s a very happy client… I would love to go to work for you !!…Thanks for your consideration!!)



In Trouble?… Dont Pay Upfront!

HELLLOOOO My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!…. My Nugget for the Day…It’s important homeowners facing foreclosure… know they should never pay fees in advance to anyone promising to lower their monthly payment or any other service. In fact, “there are usually no costs associated with modifying a loan.”

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Most Recent Real Estate Factoids…


HELLLLOOOOO MY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL BAY AREA!!… Have I told you lately how much I appreciate living and working in this awesome area we call the San Francisco Bay Area?… Having resided in other parts of  this US of A… sorry cant help it… we are blessed we are truly blessed to call this area HOME!!….

At a recent training I learned more real estate related factoids...(we can never get enough factoids… correct??… )  in the state of California there are…

  • 6.8 million Mortgages
  • 2.04 million Homes Underwater
  • 435,000 Delinquent Mortgages
  • 183,600 in Foreclosure
  • 75,000 Bank Owned
  • 18,000 Distressed

Do you fit into any of these categories?… let me hear your story… let me try and help you… WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE LAND OF 2ND CHANCES… with rules changing every day there are No Rigid Rules!! Nothing is written in stone… I’m happy to hear your story… lets work together to get things straightened out…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?


Upside Down

HELLLOOO My Wonderful Beautiful Bay Area!… The following is a question that has been entering many homeowners minds… fortunately for many… our current real estate market in our glorious Bay Area is enjoying a boom to put it mildly… still there are many other folks facing a situation they never ever dreamed they would be in…and I think its important to touch on this subject…

Homeowners buried in a mountain of negative equity are wondering what to do. “If they go there will be trouble and if they stay it would be double trouble.”

The first step in answering this question is to find out if you qualify for a modification or if you can refinance & take advantage of today’s low interest rates. The process of getting a modification can be very frustrating.  It not only takes a while to get approved, you must keep in mind that the lender has no legal obligation to offer or approve a loan modification. It’s important to note that they may dual track your file, which means while they’re  considering a t “Loan Mod” they’re also moving forward with the foreclosure. Sometimes they “set you free” and foreclose in the middle of your modification application.

Let’s say you get a modification. I have a friend who was approved for what at first appeared  to be an unbelievable loan modification. The modification did not lower the principle but did lower the interest rate to just 2 percent and locked that in for 30 years! This reduced their payment to the same amount that they would pay to rent a similar property, it sure seemed reasonable to stay – they get to keep their credit intact and remain owners, while paying no more than what they would pay for a rental. Plus the payment remains fixed for 30 years, while rents would increase. But that analysis is incomplete. The question that remains is their status when they sell, and would  they break even given the substantial negative equity that would remain?

Divorce, death, job loss, job transfer, and other negatives do happen.  Sometimes folks just want to relocate. Assuming long-term home price appreciation rates, these folks would need to stay until 2026 to simply BREAK EVEN vs. paying rent. Worse, unless they use the rent savings to pay down principal, they’ll be stuck upside down in the property, and unable to sell without bank approval of a short sale until 2033. So whether or not it is a good deal for them depends a lot on how long they plan to stay.

The best financial decision appears to be to try to short sell their current home, or if necessary let the bank foreclose.  If they rent for 3-5 years they should be able to qualify to buy again.  Assuming interest rates don’t skyrocket, or some other major change doesn’t occur, this will save them over $100,000, and give them the flexibility to move if needed without being stuck in their current prison of debt until 2033.

Unfortunately, few homeowners facing this decision have the financial skills to analyze the various scenarios, and few will consult a qualified accountant or other professional to do it for them.

This analysis is different for every homeowner facing this question.

How far under water are they?

The terms of the loan modification are clearly important.

It also requires some assumptions about price appreciation, rent inflation, and future interest rates.

Most importantly, it requires some serious thought as to how long they plan to stay, and perhaps some soul searching on the moral implications of walking away.

Bottom line, this question can be answered only by the homeowner based on their current situation and what is best for them. Would you stay or would you go now?

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Problems with Real Estate Listings on Trulia…

Image representing Trulia as depicted in Crunc...

HELLLOOOO My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area!… Its a bright sunny day in our neck of the woods today…  I know many of you out there are searching and searching the awesome world of the internet for the best “deals” available in your chosen areas, including # of bedrooms, # of baths, square feet, space for parking your cars, space for play and gardening and the best absolute best (most rock bottom) list price possible!!… Tell the truth… you are right??  Of course you are!!… In this “down” market we’re in… why wouldnt you?… if you’ve spend any decent amount of searching online… you must also be wondering why those doggone listings at places like Trulia, Zillow etc… always have properties posted that are no longer available, have gone pending, have sold and not just sold but sold perhaps years ago, or perhaps they’re not actually on the market at all… the following is a partial explanation…

Trulia: Problems with real estate listings info are pervasive (INFOGRAPHIC) | Inman News


Survey shows accuracy is key priority for consumers, industry pros. A real estate data-quality study released by online portal Trulia found that about 69 percent of errors in online real estate listings information were directly related to third-party syndication of information by non-multiple listing service sources. The company reviewed about 1.2 million listings from about 250 data sources during the third quarter and found about 120,000 inaccuracies in listings information. More than half (51 percent) of those inaccurate listings had errors in price, 41 percent had status errors, and 8 percent had errors in both price and status.

My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area… please keep the above in mind as you search the internet … when you’re ready to make that “decision to purchase”… please do yourself a major favor and enlist the help of a Licensed Realtor who can assist you every step of the way and provide you with bonafide “real time properties for sale” … properties that best fit your parameters…

Trust me… Licensed Realtors are here to guide you and assist you in everyway possible to help you get that home you’re looking for…  you can be assured they abide by the Code of Ethics… if they belong to the NAR (National Association of Realtors)… If you dont know how to find a good licensed realtor I’ll be happy to help you find one…

Cheers to you and Happy Searching…

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Watch Out for the Flipper’s House!!

HELLLLOOOOOO My Beautiful, Wonderful Bay Area!!… Its a gorgeous day today…  hope you’re out there enjoying it!… Wanted to share some food for thought for all you 

First Time Home Buyers out there…  

First Time Home Buyers – so excited, filled with anticipation and hope for the future… the first homes you see may well be foreclosed properties – terrible carpeting, damaged walls, missing items, various aromas inside the house… the excitement and hope may begin to fade…

All of a sudden your dream home appears!!… Brand new kitchen, remodeled bathrooms, new paint, new flooring, new windows… its perfect!!… It’s the only one you want… no way will you consider those awful foreclosed/distressed homes!… its too good to be true!!…

Your Realtor informs you it’s a “Flip”…  what the heck is a “Flip” you ask?… A flip is a property purchased by an investor at a discounted price, either on the courthouse steps or some other means… the investor “Flipper” will usually send in a crew to upgrade and improve the home before putting it back on the market for a profit.  The upgrades usually include new paint, new flooring, new kitchen cabinets, new counters, new appliances, new dual pane windows, new hot water heater, a new roof and more…

The drawback is… permits are required for many of the upgrades, and in many cases the “Flippers” don’t bother.

Whenever improvements are made without the necessary permits its creates a real problem. Permits are required for almost every kind of home improvement.

When a buyer purchases a home without the required permits, they become liable for bringing the home to compliance.  This is the problem… time is money, to make a profit “Flippers” must get the home improved and back on the market asap.  Obtaining permits can take more time and delays and more money.

Since the “flippers” buy properties “as is” they inherit the pre-existing improvements – many without permits.  They really should get these properties into compliance with the local building departments BEFORE doing anymore additional work and re-selling.  Its safe to say this isn’t happening in most cases.

In Summary…

The Good?  Flippers are upgrading homes and improving neighborhoods.

The Bad? Shortcuts. Buyers should check city records for permits… None? Ask the seller to provide them.

The Ugly?  Not all flippers do good work. Some just paint over issues and hide problems to turn a quick profit. There’s no guarantee all improvements were installed properly and safely.

Make sure you get a proper home inspection so you know what you’re getting into. BUYER BEWARE!..

Thanks for checking in!! Your comments are always welcome…


Isi Wu… the realtor for you…
the right agent makes all the difference

Serving Clients All Over the Eastbay…

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More on the Foreclosure Situation… A Mortgage Consultant’s View…

Helllooooo My Wonderful Beautiful Bay Area!!…

Today… we have an extension of  my posting on Tuesday October 12… Foreclosures Halting… Now What??!!!…

The breadth and ultimate effects of  this latest Foreclosure Issue may not be realized anytime soon, while we wait for more solid information to come down the pipeline etc… I thought you’d like to hear  from a trusted very experienced loan consultant and good  friend of mine, who was kind enough to share his personal perspective on the Foreclosure Situation…

(The content below is not be construed to be anything more than his own personal opinion)…


Hi Isi,

My personal belief is that lenders have been very patient with homeowners and to add this extra burden to already stretched banks and lending entities is simply suicidal for our economy.  Homeowners that are behind know very well they will lose their home.  Just like you and I know that on a clear day, the sky is blue.  Banks need to be able to move on their assets and eventually be solvent again.  Banks are not our adversaries.  Heavy and costly government along with the heavy and costly regulation that comes with it, is the problem. 

My business is so laden with regulation now that the average applicant is paying a higher rate and more fees to obtain the same product and the new regulations have done very little to enlighten the consumer to what they are getting.  Sadly, the only benefit the consumer has received is the privilege of paying more for the same product.

 On a different subject.  The economy starts with the consumer ( you and I and our neighbor) – not with business as these administrations keep pushing.  If the consumer has money at the end of the month and is not worried about the future and heavy inevitable taxes, then the consumer will spend which then leads to demand for services and products.  Hence employment.   The only way the consumer is going to have money to spend and feel good about the future is heavy federal and state tax cuts along with heavy government spending cuts.  If I had an extra $10,000.00 at the end of the year and I see a government heavily cutting back and behaving fiscally responsible, I might just purchase that couch we need or maybe I will get a new car.  Multiply this spending by millions and hence demand will jump, businesses will see this demand and expand hiring people and the future would be bright.

This government is poised to spend and unless you are willing to cut government way back it is useless talking about tax cuts.  So vote them out and replace them with leaders who tremble at the thought of big government and spending.  In order to prosper, government must be squeezed, regulation must be loosed, and tax burdens must be lifted.  There is no other formula for a great and prosperous America. 

 Hope this helps. 

Tom Erbil
Mortgage Broker – DRE License# 00934494

Stay tuned in and check back for more updates as they become available…


Isi Wu… the realtor for you!

Serving Clients All Over the Eastbay and Beyond…

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Foreclosures Halting… Now What??!!!@#$%^&*

Half million dollar house in Salinas, Californ...

Image via Wikipedia


HELLLLLOOOO My Wonderful – Beautiful Bay Area… The news is out… A number of major banks have volunteered to temporarily suspend foreclosures in 23 states and Bank of America is temporarily suspending foreclosures nationwide…

This situation is changing daily… this is just part of what we know so far… so far only Bank of America has extended its foreclosure moratorium to California, where the vast majority of foreclosures are conducted without a court order… the other 22 states are processed through the court system.  However non-judicial foreclosures in California do have legal requirements that lenders must follow… Other lenders and servicers placing foreclosure moratoriums are… Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s Litton Loan Servicing, Ally Financial Inc‘s GMAC Mortgage unit, JPMorgan Chase and PNC Financial… please keep in mind they are only Temporarily halting the foreclosure process until they have reviewed whether some lenders/servicers were following correct procedures prior to foreclosing on properties.  This is all taking place voluntarily there has not been any mandates by either State or Federal entities. The bigger question is… just how long will it really take to straighten this mess up??!!!

The immediate impact of this moratorium on your transactions may cause delays and may even remove the listed foreclosures.

Lets all hope these latest events will be resolved swiftly to minimize the impact on our housing market in the Bay Area!

Stay tuned in and check back for updates as they become available…


Isi Wu… the realtor for you

Serving Clients All Over the Eastbay!

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