Hello My Beautiful Wonderful Bay Area ~ How are things going for you today?…  No matter whats going on in our crazy lives… this certainly brings a smile to most everyone’s face… it’s something we all have fond childhood memories of…  One of the most treasured guilty pleasures for most everyone is ice cream !!!… its simply ageless… lots of late nights spent topping off a nice day or evening out, or going for a sweet treat with friends,  or spending time with a loved one or just going for a fun time…  One of my most favorite places to go is a place called Fenton’s … its not just a place for ice cream… its  a “happening” place to be… with darn good ice cream… all kinds… and an “all american” style menu filled with your favorite basic foods nothing fancy… but sure to please those who choose to have a meal before their “very special dessert”…here’s my attempt in sharing the essence of Fenton’s…  enjoy and if you havent been… you must try it at least once in your life!… soooooo soooo yummeeeee…

Clik This >>>>>>>>> >>>>               The Legendary ~ Fenton’s Ice Creamery

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  1. Oh Yummmm I am not a big fan of ice cream but this looks so good on a day when it is hot. Thanks for the tour Isi. Have a great week.

    • BI they do have italian sodas, ices, and sorbets toooo… I’m sure you’ll find something on the menu that’ll tickle your fance… its just amazing to me just how many folks will go there and spend spend spend… Capitalism at its best!

  2. Isi:
    As always, another GREAT blog. I miss the ice cream in Thrifty drug store. Take care!

    • Elaine!! AAAaaaww those memories… It all came gushing back to me… 10 cents & do you remember the square scoops on the cones? Those were the days… our folks sure got off easy with us compared to young people these days! LOL…

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